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Charcoal Linen Cross Over Pinafore Apron

Regular price £55.00

Crossover back apron in quality charcoal linen handmade in Yorkshire. 

Thoughtfully designed with your comfort in mind with broad shoulder straps, crossover back and a huge front pocket for all your bits and bobs.  Perfect for crafters, gardeners & cooks.

These aprons are beautifully made in Yorkshire, from quality fabrics chosen for their drape and strength.


Sizing: Aprons will comfortable fit from a UK size 10 up to a UK size18. However, depending on individual bodies and the different cuts of garments, this can vary slightly. It’s always safest to measure yourself.


Looking after your apron will not only extend its’ life but will allow you to enjoy it longer. Aprons can all be hand or machine washed as long as you look at the label to see the temperature specified on the care label.

Hanging out to dry is always the best option, but if you must throw it in the dryer, only tumble on low setting and do not tumble dry if your apron is linen. We beg of you not to wash or dry with high heat as this will alter the properties of the gorgeous fabrics we have lovingly chosen.