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No.1 The Tailors Shears

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1 0 ” T a i l o r s  S h e a r s

These 10” tailors shears are professional quality and handmade in Sheffield.  Simply top quality fabric scissors with an impeccable cut.

Featuring black enamel handles and hot forged carbon blades to ensure a precise cut all the way to the tip and long life precision edge retentionChrome plated blades with unique corrosion protection on the inside.

Sidebent handles ensure the scissors can be held at to your work surface so that your material does not move when cutting.

Simply the best scissors.

"Hot forged" - steel is heated in a furnace and forged with a drop hammer into the desired shape. It is an expensive process but produces a high quality scissor with excellent grain structure and hardness.

"Sidebent" - this means that the "Bows" are offset so that the scissor can be held flat to the worksurface and the operator doesn't have to lift up material when cutting.

"Pivot" - a high quality screw that has been engineered to hold the blades in the correct plane.

All of our Ultimate Scissor collection are hand made for us in Sheffield, a city renowned for its cutlery and steel, by makers that have been producing high quality, traditionally hand-finished scissors and shears for over 250 years.